Monday, November 7, 2016

Making Slip for the Classroom

2"x2" tiles
 I have found that keeping slip on hand for joining clay pieces can be a hassle. This year, I am trying something different and so far, I'm happy with the results.

I cut 2"x2" tiles from clay and let them air dry until they are bone dry and then I put them in an open container in my cabinet.
2"x2" tile in water 
When I need to prepare some slip for students to use, I put one tile in each small container and fill with enough water to almost cover the tile.

When the clay tile has set for about 4 hours, I will use a tool, popsicle stick, whatever is handy, to start to mash the wet clay into the water until it starts to look like a thick paste. I then cover the clay and water mixture and store until it is needed. If I make it a day or two before I need it, it is nice and smooth when it is used.
1 bowl for every 2 or 3 students
When the mixture looks like this, cover and store until needed.


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