Sunday, January 22, 2017

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Age Respectful vs Age Appropriate

I came across this post on a blog (Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs) and I think it is something everyone needs to think about. Working with my 14-21 year old students, this is something I think about a lot. Check it out!

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Age Respectful vs Age Appropriate

Artful Feast- in progress

Roasted Potato Platter

Brownies and Ice Cream


Chicken Fingers 

I have just started working with my students on a clay project based on the Amaco Food for Thought lesson plan. (You can find it on the Amaco website, Amaco Lesson Plan) I am finding this is a great project for my students, regardless of their skill level. It provides a great culminating activity for the basic skills they have learned. 

The thing most intriguing about this project is the fact that students can make very basic shapes and forms for food items. It is the size, placement, and textures that make them recognizable as food items. The next step will be adding additional details through glazing.

To manage the project with the diverse needs of the students, I have stations that are utilized for various skills that are needed. Students work at the stations with a  para-educator on skill building while I work with 2 or 3 students at a time building the clay food items. The skills at the stations are making a reference book of food to work from, creating food forms by looking at the reference book, creating food textures by looking at the reference book, and matching food colors with color mixing by looking at the reference book. All of these stations are important to the success of the project.

I am excited to see how this project comes together. We will have an exhibit when we are finished, "Artful Feast."The students are all very excited to see what they can make!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rolling with Clay: A Project on DickBlick Art Room Aid

I just created a project for funding on the Art Room Aid site and my fingers are crossed! With the addition of a slab roller, I think clay will be just that much more accessible for my students. I have some students who do not have the hand and/or arm strength to roll their own slabs. It's not that they do not try, they just need a little help!
Check it out! I'll let you know how it goes!