Monday, October 31, 2016

Making Images for Visual Schedules

An example of images created to use with students when working with clay.

In working with students that need visual schedules and information supported by pictures, I find the images I need are often not available. So, I've started creating my own. I work on my iPad Pro using the Apple pencil. I could create them on paper and then scan them, but I find this to be easier due to the quantity I need.

I use Adobe Draw to create the image. I use Adobe Comp to put the image into a pec format with the words.
I make the images 2"x2" in Microsoft Word and print them by the sheet, cut them out, laminate them, cut them out again and then put velcro on the back of each. I like to print them 4x4 for when I introduce them to students and talk about them. I also use them for my assistive devices and checking vocabulary. I think it's so much more effective to have images that really are specific to the content/learning.

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